San Antonio Shell Club

Who qualifies for membership in the San Antonio Shell Club? You do! If you live in San Antonio or in the immediate surrounding area, and love shells and shell fossils, you should come and join us! We are the oldest shell club in the state of Texas, founded in 1955 by Mrs. Laura Gilbert. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the ongoing education of our members and the public regarding the aesthetic beauty and science of shells, from land or sea.

Our members consist of novice shellers as well as advanced conchologists who are drawn together because they all share an appreciation of shells and shell fossils, as well as a desire to preserve the natural environments in which shells thrive. The club meets once per month, seven times per year; we also host an annual May picnic as well as a year-end Christmas party for all our members. In addition, we get together for infrequent field trips and shell conventions all over Texas as well as the United States.

Annual membership dues are $15.00 for a single membership, or $20.00 for couples. We ask that children under the age of 18 be accompanied by a parent or other adult guardian. Click the “Contact Us” link below and send the webmaster an email for more information.

If you have ever picked up a shell off a wind-blown beach or from a rocky lake shore and wondered where it came from, if you have ever picked up a shell fossil in the Texas Hill Country, if you collected shells as a child or if you still maintain a collection, if you are fascinated by the scientific wonders of shells, or if you just want to learn more about shells, then the San Antonio Shell Club is for you! We'd love to have you with us!